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  • Paulina Malcolm

Vancouver’s own “Restaurant of Mistaken Orders”

An idea first conceptualized in Japan, “The Restaurant of Mistaken Orders” made its way to Vancouver last weekend. Organized by the Japanese Dementia Support Association, this small, celebratory event presented a delicious vegan meal (complete with the choice of either mango or caramel pudding) to community members at a Vancouver café. Service was provided by a local community member living with dementia. A positive, supportive environment allowed for new friendships to be formed (I received this photo of the meal from my new friend!) and encouraged acceptance of people living with dementia in the community as fully participating and contributing members in our community—promoting the path toward a dementia-friendly Vancouver.

To learn about events organized by the Japanese Dementia Support Association, email:

Information on the original “Restaurant of Mistaken Orders”:

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