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  • Paulina Malcolm

Maintaining Social Connections!

During these uncertain times of physical distancing, we realize that many people with dementia and their care partners may be feeling lonely and socially isolated.

ZOOM is one virtual tool that is increasingly being used to help people maintain social connections. It is being used informally by families to host get-togethers and by support programs to reach out. For example, you can attend a virtual Dementia café (updates and contact here:

This being said, we also understand that using technology can be intimidating and difficult. We’d like to help you get connected.

We’ve pulled together some useful links to help you feel more comfortable with ZOOM.

  1. This short video helps explain what ZOOM is and walks through the process of connecting. Zoom – virtual meeting guide:

  2. This document provides written guidelines for understanding and using ZOOM:

Importantly, if you’d like some one-on-one assistance to help you get set up, please contact Paulina Malcolm, at

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